MTB rider Toni Tähti‘s site was built using Gatsby JS to demonstrate some of the framework’s most powerful features, namely page load speed and modularity.

Gatsby uses React JS and routing that make switching from a page to another blazing fast. Click the menu links on Toni’s site to see things in action!

Gatsby also follows React’s approach of building modular components. On Toni’s site, the Strava section is a drop-in that fetches his latest rides from Strava in isolation from the rest of site.

Since the Strava API requires authorization and authentication, I wrote a server-side component using Node JS and Express JS to handle the access keys and to revoke the access token once it has expired. The server-side component is run on a Linux VPS (Virtual Private Server) on Digital Ocean.

The rest of the content is managed using Sanity IO, which is a modern CMS (Content Management System) handling structured content.

Finally, the site is generated and served on Netlify.

That’s a lot of services and technologies, but the cool thing is that each of them is tailored and optimised for a specific need, making the site perform overall the best. Furthermore, all components and modules can be extended with additional functionalities and reused in other projects. This leads to development efficiencies, which further lead to higher quality and decreased cost to other clients.

I hope you got interested and have already a site in mind that we could build together 🙂