Kitka Climbing - Online Stock Status

Kitka’s Online Stock Status is rather a web app or a web service than a website. It fetches data from the manufacturer’s information system and displays a table on the website of the products that are available, in real time.

In technical terms, it’s a very modern set-up with a Netlify’s AWS serverless lambda function that is used to hide an access key in the backend code without the need for maintainining a server of your own.

If you’re a tech person, you should get excited about the possibility of setting up a single server endpoint that executes the logic of your function, without the need for setting up and maintaining a complete server.

If you’re NOT a tech person, let’s just say this is a very cheap way of setting up this service 🙂

Kudos to Brad Traversy for showing a perfect example how that’s done, quick & easy.