Screenshot uuvi.fi

Uuvi is home to over 100 outdoor recreation areas around the greater Helsinki metropolitan area in Finland.

We’ve been maintaining and developing the site further after the launch in November 2018. Big up to Isobar Finland and Into-Digital for paving the way with the first design!


Screenshot desix.fi

Desix is a webshop for hand sanitizers, to address the needs people have had since the COVID-19 pandemia started.

Amara Collaboration

Screenshot amara.fi

Amara is a company that embraces awareness, humility and kindness in all their efforts to help others achieve their goals.

Amara are aiming at “a healthy planet where the wellbeing of the next seven generations are kept in mind when making the significant decisions of our time.”

That’s a goal that we all should keep in mind!

RS Parks

Screenshot rsparks.fi

RS Parks sells all sorts of equipment from lightweight mattresses to pro-level trampolines in their WooCommerce based web shop. Equally important are the efforts to increase the awareness of their services business.


Screenshot reenis.fi

Reenis is a modern “gym for creative training” with air tracks, a spring floor, parkour & street workout area, and a functional gym. You can also try different circus activities such as aerial acrobatics, juggling and unicycle.

You name it, they’ve got it!

Augment Sports

Screenshot augment-sports.com

Augment Sports is an Austrian sports brand selling premium skis and bikes.

We were a part of their web design team, along with photographing and online marketing duties.

Kitka Climbing – Online Stock Status

Kitka Climbing - Online Stock Status

Kitka’s Online Stock Status is rather a web app or a web service than a website. It fetches data from the manufacturer’s information system interface and displays a table on the website of the products that are available, in real time.