How to find playlist of a Youtube video?

Have you got a video, which obviously is a part of a series on Youtube, but you just can’t find the playlist using Youtube’s own search tools?

Let’s use a video of Corey Schafer’s Django series as an example:

Youtube’s identifier for the video is aHC3uTkT9r8 (after the delimiter ?v= in the URL)

Now go to Google and write the following in the search:

inurl:list aHC3uTkT9r8

Or even more specifically: inurl:(aHC3uTkT9r8 list)

You should now be able to see the related playlist(s) in the search results, and have a link to the playlist and the complete video series.

YouTube Playlist - Google Search Results
YouTube Playlist

Props to: StackExchange users Rubén and Annan

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